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There is a new training program and a new curriculum in production. 

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The New Training Program

Learn how to Create Photoreal & Immersive
Architectural Visualizations of your Work In Unreal Engine 5

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Stunning Real-Time Architectural Experiences with a strong foundation in the real-time pipeline.


Learn Unreal Engine 5 To Create Immersive Experiences for your projects 

This course is a step-by-step complete project workflow in Unreal Engine Including:

  1. Building a solid foundation.

  2. Learn how to prepare your projects and assets.

  3. Create photoreal visualizations with ease

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What will you learn?

Unlock the full potential of Unreal Engine 5 with our comprehensive collection of video lessons and courses. From beginner to pro, we'll guide you through every step of the way, providing you with all the knowledge and resources you need to create stunning and immersive experiences for your projects.

User Interface & Navigation

Materials & PBR Workflows

Data Pipelines & Content Workflow

Sequencer & Animation

Dynamic Lighting / Lumen & RayTracing

3D Modeling & Mesh Editing


The Core Principles

Creating Unreal Projects

In-Depth Understanding of Lumen, Global Illumination & Reflections

What is a mesh distance field? Surface Cache? Why do we detach our meshes? How to optimize your projects for photoreal lighting? all that and more. 

Data Pipelines

Learn how to prepare projects, naming conventions, and seamless import/export. Livelink, Dataprep, how to deal with large amounts of data, and more.

Visual Scripting with Blueprint

Your Step-By-Step guide to creating interactive projects in Unreal, Learn by example, for complete beginners.

Post-Processing & Rendering

Unreal Engine's Post Process volumes allow you to control everything about your final results, from exposure to Color Grading, Reflections quality, and Global Illumination. rendering techniques will be discussed in depth to help you produce high-quality and photorealistic images of your work.  

Sequencer & Cinematics

Imagine if you had a multi-track editor like your favorite video editing tools but in Unreal Engine!
A tool that allows you to animate any object in Unreal that you can think of. to create stunning cinematics of your work. We will also learn about exporting high-quality footage with Unreal's movie render queue

Resources & Assets

Every month, we release various resources to help you with your unreal projects, whether you're a beginner or a professional. there is something for you!
PBR Materials, Furniture 3D Assets, Unreal Engine scenes, CAD files, 3Ds Max, Blender 3D, Cinema 4D files, and more!

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Meet your instructor

I started learning Unreal Engine in 2015. I worked on projects in Architecture, Virtual Reality, Game Environments, and building virtual environments for brands who are exploring the Metaverse. 

I've put together this program with my team with a pure focus on the skills that we look for when we hire people at VR Division and other architectural visualization companies (our partners)

About This Course

Comprehensive Curriculum

The course covers all the essential features and tools of Unreal Engine 5, including navigation, project setup, asset import, lighting and rendering, interactivity, and advanced techniques for architectural visualization and immersive 3D experiences.

Master Lighting and Materials

Learn how to create realistic and lifelike lighting for your projects using both natural and artificial lights in Unreal Engine 5. Debug and solve common lighting & materials issues and troubleshoot problems to ensure that your projects look polished and professional.

Seamless Learning Journey

You'll have access to all the necessary files and materials to follow along from the very beginning. Whether you're new to Unreal Engine or have some experience, this course will provide you with everything you need to fully understand and master the software.



Who should attend?

Architects & Engineers

Architects and engineers looking to expand their skill set and integrate 3D visualization into their work can greatly benefit from this course. With Unreal Engine 5's advanced tools & lighting systems, you can bring your designs & project presentations to life in more impactful and interactive ways.

3D Visualization Artists

This course is ideal for artists looking to enhance their skills in creating stunning and immersive 3D experiences using Unreal Engine 5.


Freelancers & Studio Owners

If you're a freelancer or studio owner looking to add Real-Time capabilities and services to your business, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to take your projects to the next level using Unreal Engine 5.

Why Unreal? Why this course?

  1. Stay Ahead of the Game: Knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 and its capabilities is becoming increasingly important for professionals in the 3d design and architectural visualization industry. Taking this course will give you a head start in mastering the new features and capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.

  2. Enhance Your Career Prospects: The ability to create high-quality architectural visualizations and interactive 3D experiences using Unreal Engine 5 can significantly enhance your value as a professional in the architecture, real estate, and 3d visualization industries.

  3. Learn from Industry Experts: The course is taught by authorized instructors & experts in the field, who have a deep understanding of Unreal Engine capabilities and can provide valuable insights and real-world examples.

  4. Save Time and Effort: By taking this course, you will save time and effort trying to learn Unreal Engine 5 on your own. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive and efficient learning experience, so you can start creating projects with Unreal Engine 5 as soon as possible.

  5. Increase Your Creativity: Master the technical aspects of Unreal Engine 5 and discover how to harness its Real-Time rendering powers to bring your wildest 3D visions to life. From interactive experiences to fully-realized architectural visualizations.

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