Unreal Engine Training for Architecture, Engineering and construction (AEC Path)

Become an Industry Specialist.

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It doesn't matter what 3D Program or architectural software you use. 

Step-by-step, we will learn how to build projects that are:


- Highly Photoreal.

- Optimized Performance.

- Interactive Capabilities.

- Scalable & Future-Proof.

- Reusable Assets & Efficient Maintenance.

- Industry Standards Compliance.


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In Unreal Engine You can move things around, change materials, add assets, adjust time of day and everything happens in real time.

Curriculum Overview


Unit 1 - The Unreal Foundation (6 Modules)

  • Unreal Engine 101.
  • Understanding RT Lighting.
  • Creating Materials.
  • 3D Modeling Toolset in UE5.
  • World Building & Foliage Tools.
  • Real-Time Cinematography.

Unit 2 - The 3D Data Foundation  (6 Modules)

  • Setting Up AEC Projects (Start - Export).
  • Datasmith Exporter Basics.
  • Dataprep & Data Importation.
  • 3D Modeling Techniques.
  • 3D Mapping Techniques.
  • 3D Geometry & Industry Compliance.


shing a Case Study

Unit 3 - Unreal for AEC Production (6 Modules)

  • Twinmotion Crash Course and Why.
  • Advanced Data Management.
  • Advanced Lighting.
  • Advanced Materials
  • Project Optimization techniques.
  • Unreal Engine Plugins.¬†

Unit 4 - Unreal for AEC Interactions (Blueprint & Visual Scripting)

  • Introduction to Blueprint.
  • Introduction to Blueprint Actors.
  • UI/UX Planning, Production, and Visual Scripting.
  • Project Packaging.
  • Designing Utility Widgets.
  • Version Control.
  • Using Figma for UI design.¬†
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Meet Your Instructor 

I have been working in the Real-Time industry for nearly a decade, specializing in the AEC and world-building sectors. Because I believe that any idea we want to build in Unreal needs a world. I also believe that Unreal Engine projects are not static and they are much more than high quality and photoreal renders.

I look forward to sharing everything I picked up along the way, learning more, and guiding you to create your projects, and equipping you with the skills to establish yourself as an expert.

We are building VR Division to be one of the best Unreal Engine service providers in the world. This training program is designed specifically with VR Division employees in mind, ensuring that you gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in our projects. When you finish this training, you’ll be fully equipped to contribute to our mission and collaborate on cutting-edge projects.


Projects from hell? No Problem.

Fix Projects that:


- Lacks proper naming and organization with no hierarchical structures.

- Has High polygon count, intersecting faces, misplaced pivot points, and inconsistent scales.

- Non-optimized textures, improper material mapping.

- Lighting that is NOT configured for real-time engines.

- No defined collision meshes, redundant assets, and more.



Projects From Hell? No Problem.

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