Unreal Engine 5 Fundamentals 

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Introduction to Unreal Engine & Epic's Eco-System

  • Epic Games Eco-System, Launcher & Resources
  • Downloading Unreal and Creating New Projects
  • Unreal Engine Projects Structure
  • Intro to the User Interface
  • Movement & Navigation
  • Transforming Objects
  • Overview of the View Modes
  • Post Process Volume (PPV) & Exposure Controls

Materials & PBR Workflows

  • What is PBR (Physically Based Rendering)
  • Intro to the Unreal Material Graph Editor
  • Getting started with making materials
  • Exploring Basic Material Nodes and Functions
  • Introduction to Material Instances & Master Materials
  • Importing Textures & Working with the Texture Editor
  • Translucent & Masked shaders
  • Creating emissive materials
  • Control Normals Intensity
  • Blending Materials

Data Pipelines & Asset Preparation

  • Overview of Content Asset Types & Data.
  • Readily Available Content
  • How to Prepare Our 3d Assets and Files. 
  • Enabling Plugins (Datasmith, USD, Alembic, Geometry Cache, SpeedTree, LiDAR, glTF)
  • Importing FBX files & Intro to The Static Mesh Editor
  • Generate Collision objects
  • Installing Unreal Datasmith
  • Exporting with Datasmith 

Lighting Fundamentals

  • Unreal Engine Lighting Concepts
  • Static vs Dynamic Lighting
  • Types of lights & Lights properties
  • Lights mobility
  • Introduction To Lumen & Global Illumination Concepts
  • Setting up Lumen in project settings
  • Lumen Quality Control & Visualizers
  • Lighting Exercises.

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