[New Tutorial] Unreal Engine SVG Tutorial | Motion Graphics

Jun 20, 2024

Hello Everyone!

Unreal Engine keeps evolving, in the latest update which is Unreal Engine 5.4 Epic Games launched whole new mode, the Motion Graphics mode, it allows you create amazing stuff with Unreal Engine, this mode still new and may have some bugs, but get ready to see cool motion graphics just like After Effect and Cinema4D!

that is why we made this tutorial, we will explore the new mode and learn how to import SVG files into the engine to work with it, editing it and prepare it for animation.

Check the video Right Here: 
Unreal Engine SVG Tutorial | Motion Graphics

for the next tutorials we are preparing new videos about lighting in unreal engine, we will talk about how to light our interior scenes from start to finish, it will be a small series and it will take you to the next level with lighting inside Unreal engine so stay tuned!

and guess what? you can watch it now in our academy! we are working on early access section in our academy, when you will find all the upcoming YouTube videos that we are editing, you can access it from here: YouTube Early Access.

See you soon!

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