[New Tutorial] Learn The New Texture Graph In Unreal Engine 5.4

materials newsletter svg texture graph Jun 11, 2024

Hello again!

If you don't know yet, unreal engine 5.4 now has a new graph called Texture Graph, In this video we will learn how to enable the new plugin, Basic operations and node functionalities in the Texture Graph and creating and exporting custom textures directly within Unreal Engine.

We'll show you how to enable the Texture Graph plugin, create a new texture graph asset, and learn basic node operations like adding, transforming, and combining nodes to create intricate textures. We'll also cover how to export your textures and explore advanced techniques for experimenting with texture creation.

Check our video here:
Unreal Engine Texture Graph Tutorial for Beginners
The link mentioned in the video about the Node Reference: Link

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Stay tuned for the following tutorial, where we'll learn how to Import SVG files inside Unreal Engine and learn about the new motion design tool in Unreal Engine 5.4.

I'm very excited for the next tutorial; see you soon!

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