Digital Architecture & Building the Metaverse

[ Learn how to create a personalized virtual environment through our first live workshop ]

Our Experience: At VR Division, we've been building metaverse and environment projects since 2018. 

Our mission is to facilitate the transition of businesses into Web3, through the virtualization or digitalization of their products or services.

With a booming demand for creatives in this field, we're constantly on the lookout for talented individuals for our future projects. this is why we've created this workshop, to talk to you about a whole new and interesting design industry out there, called digital architecture and designing for the metaverse 

Ongoing challenge: We're excited to announce a world-building challenge in partnership with xSPECTAR. Your mission? Design an extraordinary virtual environment for a chance to win up to $10k. Open for all designers and artists! Check it out here. and you can sign up from here.

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So what's this workshop?

Introducing our 4-week training program that teaches you how to create metaverse environments based on scenarios: Fashion Space, Retail Space, and Art Gallery.

A journey from a mood board to a finished Unreal Engine project of a virtual space. Learn about lighting, materials, importing data, cinematics, and blueprints! We wrap up with guidance on next steps, including building a portfolio and carving a career in the metaverse industry.

Where and How to Learn:

Our live workshop sessions will be held on YouTube every Thursday, followed by interactive sessions on our Discord every Friday. Don't worry if you miss a live session – all videos will be re-uploaded to our academy during the challenge duration.

Alongside the videos, you'll find homework files, assignments, and resource materials on our academy, providing you a comprehensive learning experience. This self-paced structure gives you the flexibility to learn at your own convenience.

Engage, learn, and create – all at your own pace!

  • Comprehensive Course Content: Gain in-depth knowledge with our carefully curated eight-part course structure. We'll guide you through understanding the Metaverse, choosing a project, refining design, adding interactivity, and creating cinematics.

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from a seasoned professional in digital architecture, bringing years of experience in designing virtual spaces for top brands. Benefit from their industry knowledge, technical expertise, and practical teaching approach.

  • Hands-on Experience & Portfolio Project: Not just theory – get your hands dirty by creating your own virtual space in the Metaverse, applying what you've learned throughout the course. End the workshop with a portfolio-ready project that showcases your new skills.

Join us in an ongoing challenge to create a 3D virtual environment for the Metaverse! Be part of this cutting-edge field, apply the skills learned in the workshop, and keep refining your project even after the course ends. Welcome to the future of digital architecture. VR Division | xSPECTAR World Building Challenge